You Scream For Our Ice Cream

Our team here at the Tacopocalypse Compound has been making many different ice cream flavors for your dining pleasure over the past almost-year. Every flavor has been well received, even the more difficult to imagine combinations.

This is what they have on the Ice Cream Menu for you this weekend:

-Lemon Thyme
-Coconut Strawberry (Vegan)
-Sriracha - Spicy and sweet, with a hint of “huh?”
-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon - Like the breakfast you dreamed of as a kid.
-Brown Butter Thyme
-Vanilla (yeah, just plain vanilla… probably our most shocking flavor)
-Tomato Basil - a sweet basil ice cream made with basil from our own herb garden, swirled with a tart tomato jam.

All of our ice cream is hand made in store using fresh ingredients (our herbs come from “Tacopocalypse Farm”), and come in 6 ounce portions at $2 per cup.

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