ISF Pre-Game With Tacopocaylpse!

The Iowa State Fair is chugging forth through the month of August with its reign of fried-ness, and we here at the ‘Lypse are pretty stoked to get down with some fried anything, once we get a few moments away from making the tacos. It’s a time when many people come to our city to see the ISF sights and get them some Iowa sun and fun. IT’S ALSO A GREAT TIME TO GET DOWN WITH SOME TACOPOCALYPSE. We have been described as the “next big thing” in DSM, as a “upcoming food landmark,” and we would love to see you and your posse come through to experience what has earned us those accolades. We have a great selection of unorthodox tacos served on hand made corn tortillas, an equally unorthodox burrito menu, including a Burrito Of The Day, nachos, quesadilla, and a solid selection of vegan and vegetarian choices.

Why not stop by on the way to the ISF shuttle, a very convenient 3 blocks from our restaurant, and do a little “pre-game” eating warm up with our hand crafted foods? We are also open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights for your post-fair munchies (if by some chance you didn’t get enough while at the fair).

Remember folks, Tacos=$, Pizza=$$, Fair Food=$$$$

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