Have You Seen Our New Catering Menu???

Taco Lovers!!!!  You are hearing it here first, Tacopocalypse has an updated catering menu! We also have a new catering/events director, Nicole, and a new catering and events EMAIL ADDRESS (goodwordrg@gmail.com).  Big changes going on here in TasteBurg. (sorry, I don’t know why I keep trying to make TasteBurg work, it’s totally not fetch.)

Froth Of July Weekend Menu Posting Apparatus!

If you are a cat and too busy commuting to cook, we have taco solutions for you.

So, if you have an event that needs catering, shoot us an email! If you have some folks in your office that would like to have some bag lunch burritos, shoot us an email! If you want to wow your team with a Taco Buffet and Nacho Bar, shoot us an email! If you need some of the best food you will ever have at your holiday work party, shoot us an email! I think you are getting the point.

Tacopocalypse Catering & Events – goodwordrg@gmail.com

Devastatingly Good Catering

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