TacoTapapocalypse Tuesday Menu!

Good day, Taco Likers/Lovers.  There were rainbows in the sky, birds (and ground squirrels) chirping, and a slightly cloud-shielded morning sun hanging in the sky as your trusty taco making person awoke from his race recovery (yes, I feel old.  taking two days to recover…sheesh) slumber.  It was all an inspiring experience, and in an instant during that wonderful waking a thought popped into existence.  “Why don’t I make a new taco for tonight, something that I haven’t tried (as a taco) before.”  Not a bad idea for sure.  Hmmm…. I have drawn from Indian, Asian, Latin cuisines but never from one of my most professionally practiced um…. provisions… ITALIAN.  Yes, an Italian inspired taco is on the menu for tonight.  Let’s discuss further.

TacoTapalypse Menu For 9/27/11

  • Italian Pork Taco.  This is the new guy, Niman Ranch shoulder slow cooked with fennel, rosemary, tomato, and a few other spices and served with a pickled red onion relish.  You will like.

  • Chorizo Verde.  It’s Green and Mean, ground Niman Ranch pork with a plethora of edible/legal green herbs and spices.  Serrano, Poblano, Cilantro, Spinach….great garden flavor.

  • Vegan Chorizo.  All the chorizo flavor without all the animal products.  Loved by Veg and Omni’s.

  • Pork Shoulder.  The Tacopocalypse “enhanced” version of the traditional Carnitas.  The original Tacopocalypse taco is still the favorite.

Of course we have all the other usual accompaniments such as slaw, a couple salsas, some fresh chopped veggies and the like.

Come join us for Tacos and Ice Cold $2.50 pints of New Belgium Fat Tire tonight at the Cumming Tap!  5pm to ?????



Dsm Magazine Top Chef Challenge

Who will be DSM's Top Chef?

What better way to celebrate a new venture and a new job title than with a little friendly competition with peers?  Now that our chef, Samuel Auen, has shed the skin of his past cooking-under-the-employ-of-others and taken on the official title of Chef/Owner, it is time to get out there and take every opportunity to indulge you, the reader and TacoLiker, in his alleged culinary abilities.

DSM Magazine has come up with a fun “Top Chef” style competition which will take place June 21, 2011 at the Iowa Culinary Institute on the DMACC Ankeny campus. This will afford a group of local chefs, chosen by the voting public, the opportunity to pit their cooking skills against the time clock, each other, and the taste buds of the judges.

How can you help?  I thought you would ask.  Nominate your favorite chef (let’s assume that since you are reading this Chef SA is at least in your top 5), by clicking this link below.


Vote for Samuel Auen (or Sam Auen if you prefer), chef/owner of Tacopocalypse. Let”s get this party started.